Host Gabe Noah and Producer Tevin Pittman

Host Gabe Noah and Producer Tevin Pittman

Each episode welcomes a new "professional" whose job deals first hand with life, death, sex, violence, and/or crime.  Identities are hidden and judgement is suspended in hope of honest and unflinching confessions.  Hosted by comedian Gabe Noah and friends, the discussions are by turns disturbing, shocking, fascinating, and funny.  

“A new, and totally addictive podcast making light of dark careers.”
— City Pages Minneapolis
an insanely fascinating dive into some of the most unspeakable careers and lifestyles that most of us could only dream about.
— Patrick Strait, The Growler
He is black, muscular, and handsome. He’s a stallion...A fine horse. Though his features are generic, he is still generally considered the best looking male on the podcast. He is also the “on air” producer and usually chips in with one really funny comment per show.
— Gabe Noah (on Tevin Pittman)

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