#3- Special Needs Parent

Confessions of a Special Needs Parent:  

Colleen Justice has confronted every expecting mothers worst nightmare...Three months into her pregnancy she learned her son Jack was diagnosed with Amniotic Band Syndrome.  So began an oddessey familiar to many mothers of Special Needs Children. Abortion pitches, baby casket shopping, ramps, looks, comments, well meaning people with cringe inducing results, and of course, cruel teenagers.  We know this sounds depressing, but Jack is still alive and Colleen has a really dark and biting sense of humor about the whole thing.  

Colleen Justice is a minneapolis based comedian.  

This episode's guest co-host is Kjell Bjorgen (Comedy Central live at Gotham, night of the creep, the turkeys comedy)

Produced by Tevin Pittman

Hosted by Gabe Noah (The Turkeys Comedy, cracked.com, Stand Up Records, Rooftop Comedy)

Tevin Pittman