#14- Maniac Insane (Gang Member)

Have you ever been shot?  Reefa Rei "Trae 8th" of the Maniac Insane clique is lured into an ambush and shot through the back, into the heart, and out his chest.  Shock, fear, squirting blood, a ruined BBQ, white people, and his fight for survival all added up our first Profession Confession "mini" episode.  (Portion of unaired episode)

Profession Confession is hosted by stand up comedian Gabe Noah (The Turkeys, Cracked, Fox's "On the Fly, Rooftop Comedy, standup records) and produced/cohosted with Tevin Pittman (cloud nine productions).

This episode's guest co-host is comedian Chris Maddock (The Turkeys, Stand Up Records, etc)

BUY HIS ALBUM "point of entry" on Grammy winning Stand Up Records here:

Point of Entry by Chris Maddock

Tevin Pittman