#22- Gabe's Heroin Diary pt. 2


Audio diary of a Los Angeles Heroin addict. Comedian/journalist Bryan Miller (Craig Ferguson) interviews comedian Gabe Noah about his years long descent into addiction. Tales of wild fun and excitement careen among raw introspection and difficult truths (still generally funny though...this is sounding too depressing).

Part 2 picks up with more about The Pedros" (Mexican mafia drug dealers) and their well oiled Black Tar Heroin delivery system and Gabe's idiotic attempts to steal from them.  We also hear about Gabe's new friendship with neighbor Greg, a luminary of west coast punk and devoted White Supremacist.  Greg's apartment was a dirty salon for various users and is the site of Gabe's first overdosed prostitute story. 

This episode is hosted by comedian/journalist Bryan Miller (late late show with Craig Ferguson). 

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Tevin Pittman