#25- Stripper Pt. 1 (B)

Part 1 of 2 Confessions of a Stripper!   Working the customers, Money, Dry Riders, THE  PERIOD SITUATION, snail trails, breast milk money, and STRIPPER PET PEEVES.

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Men are even more disgusting than we thought, and we thought they were disgusting.  Veteran dancer, and sexy dragon lady Bee breaks down everything from how strippers actually get paid, how much they have to pay in to the club, promotional methods, the lies they tell men to get money (multiple layers of them), what they laugh at customers about, stripper hierarchy, the period situation, pro athletes, and what goes on in VIP (and how far people have gone).  This episode has a moment that somehow shocked us all....Her Pet Peeve is beyond the pale.  I know that sounds like click bait, but this backs it up.....in fact, I suppose a trigger warning is in order.  

This episode is cohosted by comedian Isaac Witty (Letterman, Conan, Comedy Central)

Profession Confession with Gabe Noah is taped in Minneapolis MN

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Tevin Pittman