#28- Gambling Addict

Guest Host- Steve Gillespie. As seen on Conan and Under Our Covers. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/under-our-covers/id1252295782?mt=2

Guest- Mark Poolo. Check out his podcast, One Step From the Spotlight. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/one-step-from-the-spotlight/id1280089885?mt=2

Show Rundown:


Blackjack Graveyard Shift Dealer

Gambling as a Teenager

Hardest Part of Blackjack

Messing up the Deal

Mystic Lake Casino

First Time Dealing?

Blackjack Costumes

Blackjack Locker Room 

High Stakes Dealing

$57,000 Payout to Postman

Being a Dumper

Gave Away $30,000

Steve Doesn't Tip

Gabe Is George Clooney

Took $12,000 From Old Woman

Crying at the Table


Masturbating While Playing

Sleeping in the Car

Suicide in the Hotel

Fights at the Table

Cheaters Never Win

Stealing $250,000

George Carlin

How to get Free Shit

Gambling Addiction


Three Straight Days at the Mirage

Slot Machines

Seeing Other People Win

Brother Commits Suicide

Rock Bottom


Hiding the Addiction

Losing $4,000 in a Night

Help For Addicts

Tevin Pittman