#41- Inner City Paramedic

Gross, gorey, funny and shocking! This episode has it folks. Lilly certainly didn't disapoint with stories from her time as a paramedic. She has seen missing limbs, bus accidents, sex injuries and anything else you can imagine. The Brown Bomber believes this could be the best episode we've done so far! Is he right? Let us know what you think about this episode on Facebook and Twitter.


Co-Host: Isaac Witty


Show Notes:

Facebook Questions (3:54)

Torn Testicles (6:00)

Saving Paco (8:00)

Difference Between Paramedic and EMT (10:00)

Dealing With Gawkers (13:00)

Common Drug Calls (15:42)

Gabe Saves a Prostitute (16:45)

Narcan (18:50)

Becoming a Paramedic (20:45)

Adrenaline Rush? (21:50)

Career Life Expectancy (23:45)

Sex Injuries (25:30)

Gabe's Most Terrifying Shit (26:45)

Saving Lives (33:30)

Rescue Pod (38:45)

Rivals? (43:00)

Emotional Breakdown (44:25)

Worst Death (46:00)

Hit By a Bus (48:30)

Most Pain someone Has Been In (53:26)

Spotting Fakers (57:00)

Organ Donors (59:30)

Gross Patient (1:07:00)

Embarassing Moments (1:09:30)

Baby Sitter Call (1:14:15)

Isaac's Porn Prank (1:16:15)

World's Worst Son (1:19:10)

Blame Yourself? (1:25:15)

Torn Asshole (1:28:00)

Funny Death (1:30:00)

Question We All Want Answered (1:32:00)

Cutting Off Hand (1:32:30)

Tevin Pittman