#43- Rural Deputy Sheriff

We had a fun chat with David, a Deputy Sheriff in a rural area. He covers an entire county and you wouldn't believe some of the things he has seen. This episode is a lighter episode, especially compared to the Dead Baby Photographer, so you can leave the box of tissues on the table. David has been shot at by a war vet, picked up brains at a crime scene and pulled over someone while they were getting "road head".

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Show Notes:

8:30- Work Persona

10:45- Road Head

13:15- Pulled Over In Squad Car

17- Cop Rivalries

20:30- Attacked by a Civilian

25- Dealing with Stress

27:30- Worst Death

28:50- Darkest Call

30:50- Good vs. Evil

32- Hand to Hand Combat

36- Golden Rule

37- Fun Calls

39- Gabe gets Arrested

43- Hot Pursuit

44- Getting Tazed

45- Bee Ruins Tacos

46:20- Pepper Spray

48:30- Soveirgn Citizens

50:30- Domestic Call

53- Almost Killed Someone

55:30- Scared on the Job

58- Culture Affecting the Job

1:00:30- Evil Person

1:03:15- Bribes

1:06:15- Profiling

1:08:20- Bad Cops

1:11:20- Police Brutality

1:17:00- Pulling Over Judges Mom

1:18:30- Arresting Women

1:19:30- Easy to get Chicks?

1:20:15- Excuses to get out of Ticket

1:23:00- Gabe Kissed Wendy

1:28:00- Worst Accident

1:30:20- Worst Injury