#42- Dead Baby Photographer (Trigger Warning)

WARNING controversial, insensative jokes and cringe worthy stories throughout this episode. This is an extremely dark episode and like all of our other guests, Linda Ann, laughs her way through a dark and depressing career path. She takes phographs of dead babies for families in hospitals. When you are constantly around people on the worst day of their lives you will develope a dark sense of humor. We in no way are making fun of the families or their situation. We simply are trying not to cry as we navigate this unbelievable episode.


Show Notes:

6:11- How do you get started?

14:00- Family holds dead baby.

15:00- Hardest picture to take?

15:45- Uterine Abruption 

17:00- Different ways babys die

23:00- Maintaining relationships with families

24:20- First picture

26:45- Snack break

28:00- Catching baby's only smile

30:00- What do you say to families?

31:20- Saddest person in the room

32:30- Do you cry?

34:30- Holding dead baby at funeral

37:30- Stealing pictures

41:15- Baby survived

43:00- Little sister asks a million questions

44:15- Religous outlook

46:50- Building wells in Africa

49:00- People accidentally seeing dead baby pictures

51:00- Art form?

52:15- Taking pictures of a friend's baby 

53:15- Getting good pictures