Profession Confession

with Gabe Noah

Welcome to the official website for “Profession Confession with Gabe Noah” podcast.  Eachweek welcomes a new “professional” whose job involves life, death, sex, violence, and/or crime.  Confessions are by turns shocking, disturbing, fascinating, and funny.  Crime Scene Cleaners, Bank Robbers, Therapists, Special Forces, Prostitutes, Pimps, Paramedics, Drug Traffickers, Law Enforcement, and More tell stories about life at the extremes of the human condition. 

New Video: Special Forces Veteran On NFL Protests (ep. 15 Outtake)

Never before heard content! From Episode #15, Military Special Ops, James talks about Colin Kaepernick and the NFL Protests. Check out the entire episode on iTunes and Podbean. Enjoy your NFL Sunday!